Edward S. Fraher III, PE

B.S.C.E., University of Virginia, 1985

Eddie is a lifer at Dunbar, having worked here since 1985. As the son of an architect, buildings were an interest from an early age.

Eddie’s way of getting away from it all is sailing in the Atlantic Ocean or the Chesapeake Bay. He enjoys the challenge of using the wind to get where he wants to go. He claims it’s not as relaxing as people think, but the focus required means he’s not caught up in all the other pressures of daily life. During the 2017 solar eclipse, he brought his sextant to share with the staff.

Eddie plays guitar and likes any music simple enough that he can play it himself, like John Prine, Jimmy Buffett and James Taylor. He has two children who also studied engineering. When he has time to read, he chooses non-fiction, mostly historical books.


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