Theresa F. Giles, PE

B.A.E., Pennsylvania State University, 1995

Theresa has worked as a structural engineer for various firms across the country and is currently on her second term at Dunbar. She has worked on numerous project types throughout her 20+ years in the industry, including multiple projects with construction budgets greater than $100M.

Theresa likes to think that her schooling as an architectural engineer has helped her to see buildings more from an architectural perspective than most structural engineers. She enjoys the process of looking at a building as an overall whole, then breaking down the whole into multiple architectural components that require various structural supports. The challenge is conceiving the various details required for those components that are homogenous in nature while also retaining constructability and cost effectiveness.

She lives outside Charlotte, NC with her husband, 3 almost grown children, 2 dogs and 2 cats. When not designing structures she enjoys hiking and being entertained by books and streaming channels.


Senior Engineer / Senior Associate


Charlotte, NC


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