Wojciech Basiuk, PE

B.S., AGH University of Science and Technology, 2016
M.S., Warsaw University of Technology, 2018

Wojciech started at Dunbar in 2018. He has past experience as a project engineer at a Danish construction company, where he worked on the Danish Embassy building renovation. It was on that project that he determined his preference is to work collaboratively with the members of a project team.

Wojciech has a special interest in learning and using the latest technologies in engineering. He looks forward to the potential use of Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) in building design and site controls, and drone technology for surveying, mapping and site control.

Wojciech is physically active and an avid swimmer, with an interest in scuba diving and other sports. He has been a lifeguard and swim instructor for over a decade. The responsibility of keeping hundreds of people safe and teaching swimmers of all ages increased his self-confidence and taught him some real-life lessons in handling multiple priorities and managing risk, which he feels will help him in his career as a structural engineer.




Richmond, VA